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Modular Wall Systems is the leading manufacturer in fencing solution systems. Modular Wall Systems have a wide array of product ranging from boundary walls, acoustic walls, garden walls, barrier walls, retaining walls and custom walls for residential use. Modular Wall Systems have a reputation for innovation and quality. They have  revolutionised the way to build stylish and cost-effective walls by simplifying the installation process without compromising the quality. Modular Wall Systems replicate a block wall/rendered masonry wall without the cost or hassle, while  adding privacy, security and value to your property.

Modular Walls Systems is next generation fencing, precisely engineered to un-compromised quality with easily customised finishing's and fast installation.

Time and Cost Effective- time and cost savings in comparion to a brick wall, also allows minimal site disturbance during the construction period.

Noise Reduction (minimum 20dB) - Modular Wall Systems have been tested and rated by the National Acoustic Laboratory,  showing on average  audible reduction in road noise can be expected.

Home Privacy and Security-  Its solid, high impact resistant construction with variable heights between 900mm and 3000mm establishes a barrier between the outside and your land, allowing privacy and security.

Versatility and Durability – Modular Wall Systems allows you to choose your own custom-made finish from acrylic paint to Tuscan style render. Walls can also be enhanced through the use of other materials such as aluminium, wrought iron, timber grain slats or pickets in order to add a unique look. All walls are internally recessed to allow wiring for numerous services.

The Trademark™ designs include the ever popular Slim Wall, Trend, Vogue and Estate.

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