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37 Fawkner Street

Chapel Hill, Q 4069

Phone: (07) 3701 5032

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Email: cleanupbris@gmail.com

So if you are looking to ease the burden and stress of maintaining the property and its surrounds, then remember there is no need to look any further..…


We here at Whole Yard Services assist our clients by offering a helpful attitude that resonates with their own end goal.

We pride ourselves on our reliable, affordable, professional garden and property maintenance services using battery operated tools that are environmentally friendly, consistently delivering the best results possible for your property requirements in as little time as possible.

With many years accumulated experience, the professional Whole Yard Services Team has everything in your yard covered. We know how important a well-maintained and professional look is and we understand how timing is a crucial factor to ensure your desired outdoor living environment is achieved and maintained consistent to your expectation.

The team at Whole Yard Services are trained, licensed, and experienced professional service providers, that will not compromise on quality of our workmanship.

Whole Yard Services is your family friendly local garden, home and landscaping specialist. We cater to the residential, commercial and industrial markets across the Brisbane region offering quality work to our clients, based on their desire. No more frustration dealing with service professionals that fall short of the mark.


Whole Yard Services


Artistic Landscaping - Hard and Soft

General Property & Garden Maintenance